You know how it can be when it comes to researching places to stay when traveling. Some will look great on the internet and be disappointing, to say the least, upon arrival. Some will be about as advertised. Some will be significantly better than exhibited. Well, The Bridgeton House on the Delaware in a town called Upper Black Eddy in Bucks County, Pennsylvania is certainly the latter, and gets my vote for one of the best Bed and Breakfast Inn’s in the NY, NJ, PA area.

Set in an easily accessible yet quaint area in eastern Pennsylvania literally a one minute walk across the bridge from New Jersey, the premises is a blend of a rustic Mom and Pop Inn and four-star luxury surrounded by an eye-catching view the Delaware River on one side and relaxing, safe bike and walking paths with old, colonial houses on the other. The entrance is tastefully decorated with wall murals giving a warm feeling right off the bat. The windows and furniture in the lobby reminded me of walking through my grandmother’s house back in the nineteen seventies. Check in was a breeze and quite informative regarding the goings on in the area including hikes, bike trails, restaurants, and nightlife/entertainment in nearby New Hope. The hostess’ way made you feel at ease and very welcome.  There was always some sort of appetizing snack and/or dessert out on the tables for the taking with the encouragement of the staff. Needless to say, cheat day was unapologetically extended an extra day. The breakfast of perfectly done scrambled eggs, melted  Swiss cheese, toast, with butter and numerous jellies waiting to be spread onto the toasted bread smelled so good it stopped me in my tracks and made me sit and indulge. The taste matched, if not usurped, the aroma. A short walk across the bridge brought me to a small railroad deli which had the sweet smell of vanilla almond coffee and a selection of teas that would make many tea outlets pale in comparison, and the biggest, fluffiest muffins this side of the Hudson River.

The Delaware Suite, which is the room I occupied on the second floor, is a subtly yet finely designed lagoon.  I was wowed by the luxurious yet warm feel of my space for the next two days with a  gas fireplace, a bed with a mattress that is the epitome of comfort, as well as a two person, heated whirlpool, and a riverside, screened porch – all with unobstructed views of the river and beyond.  This suite is unequivocally the best overall suite I’ve ever stayed in. A fantastic retreat that delivers ambience, romance, and a unique charm. With the exception of a refreshing morning walk along the bike trail and across the bridge for a muffin and beverage, I found myself quite satisfied being in the room, relaxing in the whirlpool, on the porch, or outside in the river view chairs out back. Winter, spring, summer, or fall – you can’t go wrong at the Bridgeton House!

~ centerfield6