Our bodies are can be a simple yet very complex machine – depending on the fuel we supply it with amongst other factors. The term, “You are what you eat” while very valid seems to have omitted another important aspect of human consumption – drinking. Our bodies respond to everything we put into it. You might be saying, “I’m doing everything the doctor (or whomever) told me, and I’m still not losing any weight not feeling better.” Well, here are a few reasons why that might be so.

At the risk of being Captain Obvious, the first probable cause must be mentioned. If you are taking in more calories than your body is utilizing and/or burning, then you will not lose weight.  How, when, and how many calories are consumed plays an important role in our body’s reactions along with the types and mounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. In order for weight loss to happen, you need to move your body and move it often enough to ignite it and cremate those calories. Do a workout video. Dance. Do body weight exercises. Go to the gym and lift weights. Sprint. Walk. Play tennis. Move! Your car, although it may seem like it sometimes, does not burn fuel with the engine being started. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

Another possible cause for many people clamoring about not being able to drop pounds stems from their bodies being in what’s known as a toxic state. Basically, what that means is the pH levels within your anatomy are unbalanced. When your pH levels are unbalanced, out of alkaline, and your body becomes toxic. In this toxic state, it’s almost as if you’re in shut down mode and not properly functioning. Your body needs the appropriate foods and drinks to right itself and it’s many systems, become alkalined, and return to a state of legitimate functioning and allow you to lose weight. If you go too long without an oil change, your car will not run well, become clogged, toxic, and cause other problems. Oil changes and premium gas make your vehicle run smoothly. Consume and drink more fruits, vegetables, and good fats to detoxify your body.

The third and last, yet certainly not least, reason many people endure not being able to reduce their weight is something that often isn’t even considered – hormones. Much like the aforementioned pH levels, we need our hormones to be balanced. The absence of this will thwart weight loss attempts in their tracks with seemingly no explanation. Our glands are vital to all of our bodily functions. When they are in a hypo or hyper state, our health suffers and needs to be corrected as immediately as possible.  If certain fluid levels on your vehicle are too high or too low, then it will have a negative impact on the way it runs and eventually cause major damage. Ingest appropriate types and amounts of food and drinks to balance and stabilize your hormones.

Want some more specific tips on how to burn more calories, detoxify your body and balance your hormones? See you next week.

~ centerfield6