Today’s society is chock full of hustle and bustle from the time one awakens until bedtime. The fast pace and full schedule of the daily grind can and does take its toll you in one way or another. Your immune system weakens and you become ill and/or in pain. You lack energy due to sleep deprivation. Your disposition comes to be one of impatience and malevolence. Caught up in the rat race, your vision is blurry and you can’t see a way to combat the situation. Well, here’s a few ideas to facilitate your ability to relax and recharge.

How about the original hydrotherapy – a warm bath. Notice it reads “warm” bath. Piping hot baths can be counterproductive to relaxation, pain relief, sleep promotion, and cause dehydration. Sometimes there’s nothing like a good soak. The warm water by itself is fine. Yet, if one desires, do some light stretching, deep breathing, add bubbles, Epsom salt, lavender oil, and some good, tranquilizing music on your CD or Ipod to further enhance the experience. So, what are you waiting for? It costs you little or nothing and the benefits are fantastic! A good soak is no joke!

Another very good way to unravel from a tough day or week is to get some exercise. While many may feel better and more relaxed from deep breathing, listening to soothing music, or a warm bath, others might have pent up energy within them from the stress and strife of their lives. What better, more productive way to release it than to engage in some form of body movement? Anything from yoga, tai chi, an intimate encounter with your partner, to your sport of choice, or an intense 45 minute weight workout at the gym. Whatever type of exertion might work for you, get to it! Once you do and you see and feel the effects, you won’t want to stop. Release and relax.

The third and final tip for today involves something you’re doing at this very moment. Reading and/or writing can be quite therapeutic. Bibliotherapy and writing can not only help children work through their real life problems, but adults as well. They can be used to take one away from their situation. Or, both can assist one in dealing with their problems head on. It’s your choice. Read a fiction novel or a biography that you can relate to. Write a fiction story or scribe a journal of your thoughts and feelings. Utilizing reading and writing in both aspects is highly recommended and usually the most effective. Writing is an excellent way to release mental energy. Reading is not only fundamental, it is therapeutic.

These are merely three of many ways to unwind from the grind. All are easy to accomplish and are not time consuming. Everyone can do each of these activities on some level.So don’t wait, get it out! Some way, some how. No excuses, the time is now!


~ centerfield6