What’s the word or phrase that we all see and hear on TV, radio, all social media outlets, and on the street? Trend. What’s trending? Seems everyone is concerned with the latest trend be it on twitter, the financial market, or regarding fashion. Fashion “trends” may change semi-annually,  yearly, or every few years depending on any number of circumstances. For the most part, the only constant in this case is YOU.  With that said, are you one to succumb to fashion trends? If so, then it would seem that you’re at risk of wearing clothes that may currently be in style, but not be the best look for you.

One of the things you might want to consider when choosing your clothing is height. There are just some things that a shorter person can pull off that a taller person would not and vice versa. Case in point. Prince, may he rest in peace, was one of my favorite musical artists. I admired his attire and overall look. Yet, luckily I realized that while it looked great on him, at my height of six foot three inches  it’d probably be best if I didn’t wear the heels and much of his other choice of garb. There was no need, nor desire, to be walking around in Prince attire, or anything for that matter, at 6’3″.  Some women speak  of how they wouldn’t wear certain things because they’re too short or too tall. They also mention how, in their opinion, other women would be better suited in something other than what they’re currently wearing due to their tallness or shortness.

Another thing to take into account would be weight and body type. As with height, your body structure, the amount of pounds, and how they mesh can also play a role in the decision of your fashion. Admit it. There are just some outfits that appear fantastic when worn by heavier set individuals that would give a much different display on a slimmer or more athletically built person and vice versa. For example, what might show nicely on Rosie O’Donnell may very well not be the case on Courtney Cox. Should the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant  dress in the same manner as former NY Jets offensive lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson? Hence, this is one explanation why I won’t be seen in the trendy “skinny jeans” or “skinny pants”.  This leads us to the other reason.

Lastly, yet certainly not least and perhaps most importantly, marinate how you feel mentally and physically while the outfit is on you. When you’re in the dressing room, how does it look and feel to you? Too loose? Too tight? Does the material make on your skin feel weird or itchy? Does it make you, in your opinion, look too tall, too short, fat, skinny, wide, narrow, washed out, etc. etc.?  Do you feel  uncomfortable in the getup? If the answer to one or many of these questions is yes, then you might give some strong thought to passing on that outfit regardless of how “in”, “trendy”, or “en vogue” it may be.(e.g. skinny jeans)

In summary, there are a plethora of items to give consideration regarding your choice of clothing. Are you tall, short, or medium height? Are you heavier, lighter, or somewhere in between? Do the clothes make you smile, stand upright, and walk proudly and comfortably? Trends come and go. Should you stay or should you go? Only you know.


~ centerfield6