Recently, there have been numerous edible items which have been labeled “super foods”.  The interesting thing is, these super foods basically just do what foods were supposed to do for your body when consumed. What gives them their acclaim is all of the highly processed foods out there which breakdown your body from the inside out making you feel and look bad. Not to mention some of the not so accurate information that fills the internet. One of these foods being touted, and rightly so, as super is blueberries. Here are a few reasons why.

Everyone’s talking about antioxidants. Well, blueberries are high in these antioxidants and can help nullify some of the DNA damaging free radicals that cause you to age. Your DNA  gets banged up on a daily basis. Let’s say you are able to consume a half a cup to a cup per day of blueberries in your yogurt, a smoothie, etc. You could be, as some studies have shown, reducing the DNA damage  done by free radicals by 20%.  And, if you’re decreasing the amount of DNA abuse to your body, then you’re also lowering the possibilities of development of diseases like cancer.

When anything is low in calories yet high in nutrients, it’s bound to be favored by everyone – especially women.  Blueberries are rich in Vitamin K, C, and manganese, and contain about 4 grams of fiber, in the middle 80’s in calories and % of water per 1 cup. Their size makes them very portable, and the taste gives you a desire to keep popping them in your mouth. Highbush berries are the most common in the US. Lowbush, or “wild” berries are richer in some antioxidants. Just goes to show that it’s ok and even advisable sometimes to go for the low hanging fruit.

One of the biggest topics is muscle recovery. If you’re one who engages in strenuous activity, then you fully understand why regardless of age. When your body remains extremely sore from your prior workout, it makes it difficult, sometimes impossible to do the next exercise session. As you may be aware, there are seemingly thousands of items out there that claim to reduce muscle soreness and assist in their recovery. It just so happens that blueberries can help. Arduous workouts cause local inflammation and oxidative stress to the muscle tissue. With their high amounts of antioxidants, blueberries can help reduce the oxidative muscle stress and inflammation.

If you’re looking for a fruit that is high, maybe the highest of all fruits, in antioxidants, helps to prevent cancer, low in calories, high in essential nutrients like fiber and Vitamin C, tastes great, and can assist with muscle recovery, then grab some blueberries from the grocery store. Just add them to your smoothie, yogurt, nuts, or pop them in your mouth by themselves. On both the molecular and surface levels, you can’t go wrong.


~ centerfield6


“Get fit, get well!”   ~schuyfitwell