By now, unless you’ve just crawled out from under the rocks that Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble exploded at Rock Quarry, you’re somewhat aware of the fact that you are what you eat, and what you consume will have a huge effect on how much of it enters your body. Some foods (and drinks) which are high in carbohydrates and sugar, and low in protein, fiber and nutrients will give you, and your blood sugar levels, the ups and downs. Without fibrous, protein filled nutrients and vegetables in your system, you’re prone to  want more of these harmful foods and drinks within a short amount of time. As you can imagine, this can cause significant weight gain along with mood swings and feelings of listlessness over a period of time. On the other hand, consuming nutrient dense foods with a relatively low-calorie content will provide you and your waistline a much-needed leg up via stabilizing your blood sugar and keeping you satiated longer. Here are a few of those nutrient packed goodies.

Grass-Fed beef is one of the best for weight loss and increasing lean muscle mass  out there. This is true eaten anytime, yet particularly for breakfast after a rigorous workout. Higher protein eating plans stimulate the metabolism and tend to keep you fuller for longer periods of time. Grass-Fed beef also comes sans the antibiotics, steroids, and hormones. In addition, it contains more vitamins, minerals, and a higher quality of fats, and less fat than its hormone filled counterpart. If, by chance, you’re unable to locate any Grass-Fed beef or it’s simply too expensive, give Buffalo burgers a try. It’s likely you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Kale has arrived on the scene to rave reviews and deservedly so. Along with being one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, kale is very low in calories and has the highest, yes, highest antioxidant rating of all vegetables. Did you know that kale contains high amounts of nutrients known to protect the eyes, is a good source of calcium, magnesium,  beta carotene and is one of the best providers of vitamins K and C, has cancer-fighting substances, and can help lower your cholesterol? What with all this to its credit, it’s no wonder kale has stormed onto the shelves in multiple forms as it has. There you have it. Grab some kale and add it to your plate, snack tray, and smoothie and reap the benefits.

Years ago there was something called the ‘grapefruit diet’. At the time it sounded just like many of the fad diets that sprung up during that time period. Well, while it may have been a bit extreme, perhaps there was something to the whole thing about grapefruits and weight loss. More and more studies are showing that having half a grapefruit prior to your meal will promote weight loss. Along with containing considerable amounts of fiber and cancer-battling alloys, the grapefruit is rich in vitamins A and C and helps prevent kidney stones.  Not to mention that half of a grapefruit only has about 35-40 calories and has a reputation as a fat burner.

It’s time to make eating and drinking well a priority. After all, aren’t you tired of not having enough energy to make it through the day, feeling pain and inflammation, and gaining unwanted weight seemingly by the day?  Begin to become informed about your health and what you need to do to improve it. Make Grass-Fed Beef, Kale, Grapefruit, and the many other super foods staples in your eating plan. It’s what you need. It’s what you deserve!

See you soon…..


~ centerfield6