When you go food shopping and return home with your items, the tendency is to shove most of your bagged groceries in the giant appliance in your kitchen known as the refrigerator. This is a great idea regarding most perishable foods like eggs, cheese, milk, butter, meat, etc. Yet, unbeknownst to some, not all foods are meant to be refrigerated. As a matter of fact, placing the items I’m about to discuss in the refrigerator can cause them to have a reduction in freshness, a change in texture, a bland taste, and yes, to rot. So, do not refrigerate the following foods.

Onions need plenty of ventilation as well as a dark, cool place for storage. Since a refrigerator does not allow for air to circulate nor is a dark, cool place, it is not recommended. If you’ve kept onions in the ‘frig  in the past,  you may have noticed them become, soft, cold, and even moldy. Also, forget the idea of storing onions and potatoes together. this will cause them to deteriorate quicker.

Olive Oil belongs on the shelf or in the pantry – not in the refrigerator. When refrigerated, olive oil loses its consistency, starts to look murky, and takes on an unnaturally thick texture. Does that look or sound like something you want to put on your foods? The only oils that are ok to refrigerate are nut based oils. Think about it. If olive oil needed refrigeration, wouldn’t it likely be found in the refrigerated section of your favorite grocery stores?

Tomatoes do not belong in the refrigerator at all. They are not made for a cold environment. Refrigerating tomatoes alters their texture rendering them softer, negatively affects their flavor, and stops the ripening process. All this occurs when the tomato is saturated by the cold air. Allow your tomatoes to get ripe and ready outside of the refrigerator.

So, not all seemingly perishable food items should nor need be put in your refrigerator. These are only a few. Next week I’ll give you more products to keep out of the cold. Keep the tomatoes, olive oil, and onions out of the refrigerator and see, feel, and taste the difference.


~ centerfield6