Watermelon’s outstanding health benefits cover your body from head to toe. The summertime, when they are in season, is the optimal time to indulge in the juicy, succulent, tasty fruit that is the watermelon which provides a plethora of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.  Here are a few of the amazing things consuming watermelon can do to optimize your health.

First, when it comes to vitamin C content, watermelon is astoundingly high. What this means is an improvement in your immune system, preventing cell damage, and assisting wounds in healing. Vitamin C is vital to so many bodily functions including the formation of collagen (the main component of wound healing) and a healthy immune system – which plays a huge role in the well-being of our bodies.

Next, watermelon can help your build strong bones and acquire improved cardiovascular health. Being rich in potassium, which helps the body retain calcium, watermelon give the body a helping hand in creating stronger bones and joints. With its high content of lycopene, watermelon, along with the benefits to your joints and bones, does wonders for your cardiovascular health. According to recent studies, consuming large amounts of lycopene rich watermelon has been shown to improve cardiovascular function and reduce the activity of the pathogens that cause osteoporosis.

Lastly, since watermelon is filled with compounds like triterpenoids, carotenoids, and flavonoids, it provides  some of the best anti-inflammatory and  antioxidant support. The aforementioned compounds do their work via neutralizing free radicals and blocking the activity of certain enzymes which can cause joint pain and brittleness. Oh, and did I mention that eating watermelon has been shown to reduce the accumulation of fat in our fat cells, and is made up of about 90% water?  Guess it’s no coincidence for its highly apropos moniker.

With its many beneficial attributes, it seems, unless you are somehow allergic, watermelon should be a staple in your refrigerator and/or freezer. It’s great as a snack to slice up and pop in your mouth, added to your smoothie, or as a frozen ice pop. However you choose, get some watermelon in your eating plan. It’s nutritious, hydrating, safe, and very easy on the taste buds.


~ centerfield6