With the exception of  a toothbrush, hopefully, and food, what do you put in your mouth daily? Eating utensils. Forks, spoons, and for some, knives. Since food was mentioned, what is the food likely made/heated up on/in and eaten upon? Pots, pans, bowls, plates, and drinking glasses. To take it a step further, what is the food stored in? Containers that have been washed with the same dish rag used for the aforementioned eating utensils. The key words there are ‘for the aforementioned eating utensils’.

While it is bad and dangerous enough that some people use bacteria filled sponges for weeks to “clean” their dishes, others also use the same sponge to wipe counters with chemical and bleach laden products, wash the sink, etc. The amount and types of bacteria along with exposure to cancerous agents is astronomical, hazardous, very unnecessary, and avoidable. Let’s go back to the previous paragraph. These chemicals and bacteria are being transferred onto all of the things you use to make, eat, and store your food. This means they are also entering your mouth and your body on a daily basis. Studies have shown, although one might think that they wouldn’t be needed to realize this, that sponges and dish rags used to clean both counters and dishes can have E coli and/or salmonella bacteria known to cause diarrhea, urinary tract infection, and respiratory illnesses.

To counter this mass accumulation of bacteria and avert exposure to harmful and perhaps even fatal chemicals, it is highly recommended that you keep a few, if not several, dish rags, not sponges, to be utilized for cleaning dishes only.  Use individual dish rags for a couple of days or so, use another one, and put the dirty rag in the washer. Have kitchen cloths that are used only to dry dishes and those that you solely wipe down counters and other places with, and wash them frequently to avoid transferring the germs and dangerous chemicals that can cause eventual and/or immediate harm to your body. It may sound like a lot. Even if it is, isn’t your health worth it?


~ centerfield6