When it comes to fish, with the exception of those you or I may be allergic to, one can conjure up reasons to fill your gut with it. In most cases, considering the rich nutritional value as well as the delicious taste, fish is often an excellent meal choice for anytime of the day. However, until further notice, it might be wise for you and I to do without one particular type of fish – tilapia. Read on to find out why.

Tilapia is a popular whitefish that can usually be found inexpensive and is easily prepared to taste. Unfortunately, there have seemingly been some “complications” with the raising and delivery of this commonly consumed fish. Reports are that tilapia being raised in countries in the pacific endure horrific conditions such as dirty, murky water, and being fed unsatisfactory food substances. It’s been said that the state of the water in which the tilapia are kept is extremely substandard, and that the fish often fed feces and inappropriate food along with or instead of admissible items for fish consumption over a period of time until they’re “ready” for transport. This, in turn, often leads to the tilapia arriving at US and other ports in poor condition to say the least. If and when this is the case, it is our hope that the inspectors and companies who are in charge of giving the ok to import and sell the fish to turn these boats filled with, for all intents and purposes, rotten tilapia away. In many cases, but not all, they are denied certification to be imported and sold. Apparently though, what’s happening is when boats with the decaying fish are turned away at one port, they’ll seek approval at another nearby port – and sometimes receive it. Thus, their persistence is paid off, and you end up likely with stale, unhealthy, to say the least,  fish on your plate. You know the saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, you are also that which what you eat consumes. Do you want to ingest something that’s been raised in such conditions over a considerable amount of time?

How does this affect you fitness? Think about it. If you’re eating something that’s been brought up in terrible circumstances and fed basically like garbage, then the likelihood of you feeling similarly, if not the same, would seem very high. Hence, as had been mentioned numerous times in past write-ups, your body and workouts will be negatively impacted. Since your body will be so busy trying to figure out what you’re doing to it and probably fighting off some illness, your workout intensity and possibly length will end up suffering along with your muscles, bones, glands, and organs. Can you imagine the toxins in your body and the possible damage they could do?  Is it worth it?

So, for the time being, until they clean up their act, literally and figuratively, it’s recommended to refrain from purchasing and consuming that fish known as tilapia. Besides, with so many other tasty, nutrient dense options like salmon, scallops, shrimp, and tuna to name a few, it shouldn’t be too difficult at all to put tilapia on the back-burner for a while – for the sake of your good health.

~ centerfield6