Can you recall a time long ago when all you cared about was eating, playing, and sleeping? What you wore, as long as it was for the most part comfortable, really wasn’t of much concern. How much it cost and in many cases whether it matched or not wasn’t a second thought.  Besides, you were a kid. What’d you care? Not to mention you likely didn’t know the difference between what looked good and what didn’t, any “trends”, or whatever regarding fashion.Yet, you can also likely remember becoming a teenager and suddenly the clothes you wore and how they appeared on you mattered. No longer did you wear stripes with checks, various color combinations, nor certain shoes or sneakers. You became somewhat fashion conscious. You cared about your appearance.  Hopefully you still do. If so, please continue reading.

As you know, trends come and go. Some faster than others. Many not fast enough. One, which seems to have held on for several decades, is the wide, horizontally striped, often collared garment which I refer to as the Chuck Shirt. The reason I call them Chuck shirts is because the first and obviously most memorable time I saw anyone wear anything which resembled this type of shirt was when I viewed the TV character Charlie Brown constantly rocking his. Let’s keep in mind that Mr. Brown and his friends are of pre-teen age on the show. If I recall correctly, Charlie Brown’s shirt was yellow with a thick, squiggly brown stripe. To be specific and fair, the upper body garment being referred to in this article has several two-inch or more wide, straight, horizontal stripes, is usually two colors yet has been seen with more, and is of the pullover variety.

Believe me, I’ve made every attempt to find something pleasing about these shirts, visually or otherwise, and in my humble opinion, there’s simply nothing about this shirt that, past the age of 10 or 11, would make me even consider wearing it – let alone actually pulling it over my head and even walking around inside with it on. Yet, I see them everywhere, on guys and gals of all ages, at all times of the year. Short sleeve, long sleeve, even mid-sleeve in practically every color combination you can think of. In fact, they have Chuck tee-shirts, dress shirts, tank tops, and even chuck dresses. Admittedly, the dresses of this variety do have some appeal to them. Bottom line, collar or no collar, etc., etc., the wide, horizontally striped shirt is a fashion faux pas and no no if you are between the ages 0f 13-65. Although, even at age sixty-six and beyond, the odds of me putting on a Chuck shirt are slim and much closer to none. In the event I may live long enough to lose my faculties, it will be written prior that I am at no time, living or otherwise, not to be dressed in a Chuck shirt.

Enjoy the weekend, readers! See you on Monday!