In your quest to feel and look better, have you ever wondered, “What am I doing wrong?” “I’m eating much better, much more often, exercising much more regularly, etc., etc. Why am I not losing weight, gaining lean muscle, and generally feeling better? Well, there’s a good chance there’s something else very vital to those things and more that you need to do. Get your hormone levels checked. Read on to learn why.

Ladies first. Hormone’s play an extremely important role in the health of everyone – especially women. When hormone levels fluctuate, this can affect you ovulation and fertility, sexual desire, and of course, your overall mood. How often when a woman is “moody” is it blamed on their menstrual cycle and/or their hormones? These hormones are influenced by many factors such as age, stress, eating plan, exercise, and lifestyle. It is advisable for women to see and be in contact with their reproductive endocrinologist, gynecologist, and obstetrician to keep apprised of their hormone levels and how to keep them as balanced as possible. Your overall health depends on it.

Guys pay attention! Of course we know that testosterone is the essence of maleness. It’s what makes us look, feel and perform better, and should be the lion’s share of our hormones. Yet, like women need a small amount of testosterone to be at their peak, men require a slight amount of estrogen to properly function. Estrogen is essential to men’s muscle mass and bone strength, as well as our circulatory and cardiovascular health. Believe it or not, estrogen also plays a key role in men’s sexuality. With age, it is reported that testosterone levels in men can decrease up to 50% by age 50, while estrogen levels increase by the same amount. This drop in testosterone can cause a myriad of symptoms including sexual decline/dysfunction, mental and emotional troubles, cardiovascular and circulatory difficulties, and illness or disease.

So, without question it is in your best interest, if you haven’t lately or ever, to immediately go and get your hormone levels checked. Simply tell your physician you’d like your hormone levels evaluated, and you’re on your way to becoming much more informed about your physical self, regaining vitality, and to improved overall health. Be sure to ask plenty of questions. Don’t wait, do not procrastinate. Be the best you can be. Find out what’s going on, what you need to do, and do it!