Raspberries are very popular and have become known for their nutritious character. They’re perennial in nature. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Russia and Poland are leading producers of this tasty berry. In case you’re not aware, raspberries come in numerous varieties including Purple Raspberries, Blue Raspberries, Gold Raspberries, Red Raspberries, and Black Raspberries. The latter probably being my favorite. They’re grown across the globe on just about every continent. Take a look at a few benefits you will enjoy from eating raspberries.

First, one of the highly increasing and dangerous diseases encompassing our society today is diabetes. Each year thousands are diagnosed and placed on medications which, along with the diabetes itself, can have significant side effects on your body. Raspberries, like most in the berry family, are high in fiber content which makes them an excellent addition to the eating plan of diabetics. In addition, raspberries contain two compounds that seemingly make it a must have fruit for those suffering from diabetes. Studies have shown these nutrients help stimulate the body to maintain sugar and insulin levels in type 2 diabetes patients, and play a big role in regulating blood fats and blood sugar with its high fiber content and being low on the Glycemic index.

Secondly, optimum fluidity of regular heart beat and blood circulation help to ensure a healthy cardiovascular system. The potassium in raspberries creates optimal muscle function in the body including the heart muscles via regulating the contraction and expansion of the muscles of the heart providing top-notch blood pumping through the body. Also, with its anti-coagulant properties, raspberries can be a reliable assistant in preventing and even dissolving clotting. Raspberries, and berries in general are known to increase the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body and thus helping your heart to function better.

Lastly, because it is a low-calorie, low-fat, high fiber, and high water content fruit, raspberries can help you in your quest to lose weight and improve your overall health. Raspberries are a good pre and post workout fruit/snack as it leaves you feeling light yet satisfied being low-calorie, low-fat, with the high fiber. Hydration is extremely important to everyone – especially those who workout intensely. All fruits and vegetables with a high water content, like raspberries are an excellent way to replenish the body with the water it needs. Along with that, the minerals in raspberries help the body restore the balance of lost electrolytes.

So, if you’re looking for a fruit, snack, etc. that is low in calories and fat, high in fiber and water content, great for your cardiovascular system, and help regulate your blood sugar and fats, then look no further. Raspberries are capable of that and more. Throw them in your oatmeal,  smoothie, or eat them solo. However you choose, find a way at some point in the day eat some raspberries and reap all of the benefits they provide.

*Of course, it is always recommended that you consult with your physician.


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