Most people who become owners of, registered or not, (or in my case, an extremely close to non-registered owner) pets at some point end up taking them to the veterinarian for check ups and/or ailments. With any medical professional and his/her staff, be it for animals or humans, at the core of what’s hoped for is friendly professionalism, genuine care for the person/animal being treated, respect, and competence. This is particularly anticipated from pet owners who consider and treat the pet as a member of the family. If you feel this way about your pet, then Packanack Animal Hospital comes highly recommended.

Unfortunately, a cat of a really good friend of mine (one of five) began to show signs of illness. This adorable feline named Bub Bub was approximately 13 years old, followed me everywhere, and was considered my cat even by the actual owner. Yes, she was my little girl indeed. So, since my friend had taken past pets to Packanack Animal Hospital with at the very least satisfactory results, Bub Bub was brought there as soon as possible. After observation, consultation, and blood work, it was ascertained that kidney failure was the culprit. Dr. Steven Neuss informed and showed my friend and I that certain markers in her blood were quite high, what it could mean, and what measures might be taken to possibly help Bub Bub recover, feel better, or, at the very least prolong her life. As you might imagine, this news was tough to hear. So, Bub Bub was given IV fluid along with a vitamin B shot. Then, she began receiving subcutaneous fluids daily, sometimes twice a day, along with a renal cat food diet recommended not only by Dr. Neuss, but every other vet I spoke to and/or researched. No stone unturned for my little girl. For a while, Bub Bub appeared to be making a turn for the better. She put some of her weight back on, her appetite returned, she was drinking water,  her bloodwork results showed improvement, and her unique mannerisms were once again on display. She was the one and only Bub Bub again.

A few months later, dehydration and sluggishness reappeared. Bub Bub revisited the Vet. More bloodwork was done. The markers were high again along with other unfavorable results and observations. Dr. Neuss let it be known that while we could and should continue with all that was being done, the end could be near.  Even with receiving subcutaneous fluids twice daily, sublingual vitamin B, and everything else recommended, Bub Bub didn’t make a second recovery. She began to lose strength in her hind legs and eventually had difficulty walking a few steps. So, we returned to the vet. Dr. Neuss was away, so Dr. Lisa Confessore got herself caught up with Bub Bub’s situation, observed her, and asked about how she’s been lately.  After carefully looking her over, Dr. Confessore told us the hard truth that her kidney function was low, a recovery wasn’t likely, and that it might be time to consider putting her down. The doctor said this with tears running down her cheek. When she realized I’d noticed, Dr. Confessore said, “She reminds me of my cat.” We then went to another room to confer on the seemingly inevitable. Initially, I wanted to bring Bub Bub back to my friend’s place and hug her for as long as possible. But, she was suffering so much. Three boxes of tissues later, the excruciating decision was made. On that day, Wednesday, 11/21/18, my little girl was no longer with us physically. Thanksgiving was just that, Thanksgiving. It was not happy. Her spirit, ashes, and adoring memories forever remain with us.

We can’t thank the staff at Packanack Animal Hospital enough, particularly Dr. Neuss, Dr. Confessore, Vet. Techs Sam (Samantha) and Ed Freed, and one of the most friendly, professional, and genuinely nicest receptionists I’ve ever met, Summer Tencza for their competence, professional friendliness, personal attention, respect, and the genuine care given and shown to us and especially my little girl, Bub Bub. Thank you.


– Ray Schuyler

~ centerfield6

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