Purpose & About Me

Greetings to you!

Welcome to Schuyler Consulting. Not sure how you stumbled upon this site, yet extremely glad you did and hopefully we’ll see you here quite often and for an extensive period of time. For the duration of your time here, it is hoped that you will be enlightened, inspired, and the content will be at least thought provoking. If, by chance, some humane, positive actions are taken, so much the better!

I’m pretty much just a big kid who has more often than not had these ideas and visions about and for society and its inhabitants. These ideas and visions will be displayed via daily quotes, poetry, articles, etc. and are intended to invoke individual reflection and help the world become a better place one human being at a time. Much of what you’ll read will contain a philosophical, sociological, and/or psychological angle/perspective for each reader to experience from their own view. While “likes” are nice, it is hoped that comments with perspectives, opinions, etc. will be shared and discussed.

Please do not hesitate if you have any questions – personal or otherwise – to enhance your experience. Your company along this journey is much appreciated!

“World, the time has come to Push The Button!”  – The Chemical Brothers

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